Kyral Threndor

Hey, haven’t I told you I was back in SL with ArchLinux?

Yeah, I did, didn’t I?

And guess what, it was shit and didn’t work out … not for me.

So you see me defeated and back on Linux Mint 18.3. Well, whatever, it’s a crowdpleasingly cool distro and so so snuggly. Ok, anyhoo, I was inworld yesterday for doing some research and working on my SL bucket list which seems to become longer and longer lately. But even the longest journey starts with the first step. And that first step took me to Absolution sim on the continent of Corsica, where my nifty giant sized and giant b00bed friend Rose (and her family of sexual perverts) have the Kyral Threndor Yacht Club and several other amenities on a full mainland sim.

1/4 land, 3/4 glorious ocean. What’s not to like? Enough space for pre-start milling and jockeying for position, and of course a startline. Absolution is a sim that meets my taste.

A peek we shall have, don’t you think, mateys?

In true explorer’s fashion I ignore the many many notecards Rose has already sent me and don’t take any of the provided LM’s but just type Absolution into the world map … which drops me smackbang on 128,128 and I get wet feet. =^.^=
The main build on ground level is an open air danceclub morphed with a small mall of sorts. There you’ll find a very professionally looking …
Race Center. Here they supply you with the charts you need for racing.
In the club area are some very nice couches to park your bum and look cool af. Thx Rose for the complimentary drink.
Around the club build we’ll find some marginal landscaping with primsaving birch trees …
… and the marina of the Kyral Threndor Yacht Club. I guess all those boats are belong to the Brightflames family of very tall and big breasted girls. Imagine a woman that doesn’t look at all like Orca. It can only be … voila, a Brightflame. 🙂
They also have one of those fashionable GTFO terminals. I’m still not quite sure what that game is actually about. Something with transporting shit from one location to another by utilizing some of the lamest, most boringest ships on the grid. Or so.
At roughly 580 meters we’ll find an airfield. It spans a whole sim and gives enough room for multiple hangars, taxi- and runways. I’m not an expert on SL airports (or any other sort of airport) but this setup looks very fine to me.
The Brightflames girls are a very curious and multitalented bunch. So it’s no surprise we find a fully fledged and rather long racetrack a couple thousand meters higher up. It also spans the full 256×256 meters of a full-sized sim.
But they found enough space to add a little hangout area at the landing point and Kethryn’s Café. Nice, very nice. You know me being more the slow riding touring biker who usually sticks to LL’s roads and routes. But the racetrack at Kyral Threndor … mmmm, yeah, gotta try it. Definately!
And a bit higher up we find even more amazing shit: A full castle! How about that?
Here I can play Lady of the House while sitting in my generous office and issue laws and decrets over my loyal subjects. 😉 No idea what the Brightflames girls are doing in this castle … or, well, I rather have a vivid idea. 😉 Dunno if I wanna play fly-on-the-wall when they have a family meeting. 😮

I rather liked what I found at Kyral Threndor. While this sim ain’t not much to look at, it’s not supposed to be one of those artsy fartsy terraformed and landscaped sims in the first place. Mainland sims are heavily restricted in landscaping anyway and I guess the Brightflames made the best of what they had. And then Kyral Threndor has another purpose anyways. It’s a multifunctional sim with lots of excitement for us ladies with antsy pantsies. Sailing, biking, flying, castle-ing, whatever you wanna do, Kyral Threndor supports it.

So what we have here is a sim that is strictly FUN FIRST!


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