Hello from the Arch-y Side!




After weeks without a working SL viewer on my main computing machine today I finally gave up on Manjaro and installed another distro. Of course a ArchLinux derivative as well, even much closer to the real upstream Arch. My distro of choice, at least for the moment, is the little known and very humble SwagArch. It’s cool, very cool. Only downside to Swag is that it comes with the stupidly primitive Xfce desktop.


That’s usually far below my personal requirements and offers much too little in terms of creature comforts and customization. But, ok, it’s serviceable … and it didn’t give me any problem when installing Singularity viewer from the infamous AUR (Arch User Repository).


And anywayyyyyy …


I’m in! I’m fukn in, YAY! Don’t believe me or the photo (which I could admittedly have shot already years ago), then just ask Kitten. She’s the most trustworthy devious kat in SL. And she’ll happpily  confirm to you that she was talking with me just like 10 minutes ago on this day of February 6, around 1 p.m. my local time. 😉


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