Is It Okay to Use Firefox?

Captain Orca 😉

Listen guys, I guess I’m not telling you any news when I say I have no fukn clue about shit. But I possess the super power to read – and process – what I read in my head. An ability right out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and heavy in demand these days. Guess I need a super hero name now, don’t I? Anyhoo, I digress.

When I heard from a multitude of trustworthy sources that Firefox is becoming worse and worse these days, since some ppl at the Mozilla Foundation smelled the Dollars and wanted get their cut, I knew something needed to be done. You know I told you to get the fuk off Firefox (not to confuse with the Firestorm SL viewer) because Firefoxen’s makers, the Mozilla Foundation, made some very questionable decisons lately and is rumoured to be in bed with Big Data. Ergo they softened their once impenetrable stance and made FF open for all sorts of spyware. Ok, that makes Firefox (FF from hereon out) a no-go product, right?

Sexy and intelligent Thar She Blows! readership

Yes, of course, no halfways politically correct critical thinker wants to have anything to do with Mozilla and their flagship (and one and only?) product. Ugh, product … no, we can’t really say product coz FF is not anything you buy, like Windows for example, but it’s free. And it also is free of spyware. Or at least it should be. And as always with those non-products profit has to be generated in other ways. Yeah, we, the users, become the product; our personal data, what we eat and drink, what sites we visit, cars we drive, skin and hair care products we use, all that shit becomes visible not only for the NSA but for Google, Apple, Microsoft, other big software houses and data kraken. And, yes, for the Mozilla Foundation as well.

Release the Kraken!

Ok, we know the problem  now, and we also know the solution: Get rid of FF and install an alternative interwebz browser, like Waterfox and Pale Moon. I guess since Orcablog readers are not just amazingly sexy but overall wonderful and intelligent peeps, and you’ve all readered my warnings, you are now all on either of those two politically correct browsers. I hope none of you is using the Chrome browser from hell! Oh god. Noooo!

Would you let your loved ones surf on Firefox?

But now to the subject of this post, the question about what to do with FF from now on? Because as it so happened, Mozilla just pubished version 57 of their browser a couple weeks ago – I believe y’all received the updates already – and it’s rumoured to be the fastest FF version in the history of forever. That’s nice, Mozilla, as you can now compete with Google’s browser from hell again. And typically for developments in the IT world, these news arrived just in time when a majority of FF users were jumping ship and switched to the good boy and good girl browsers.

Geeky is the new sexy: Fefe

Now I can’t say that FF ever made a sluggish impression on me, since my brain is very slow in data processing anyway and I take my dear time to read all the things presented to me. So the speed advancement passed right by my skinny @$$. BUUUUT! Now I’ve heard from one of the most trustworthy sources on the internet (!), Fefe Blog, that it might be okay to use FF again. See this here:


As I said I have no fukn clue about all of this, but if the famous Fefe (internationally renowned expert on security and probably the most public figure of the legendary Chaos Computer Club) reads from this gobbledigook that FF was made stronger now I will trust his expertise. Yes, of course. I mean, who am I, who is anybody of us housewifes superheroines to question his findings:

Fefe’s bloggy

If your deutsch is a  bit rusty, here, lemme try to help you out:

Firefox is kicking out the path of 3rd party referrers in HTTP. Very nice! Finally! This is gonna ruin the kraken’s big data dreams.

Not that I understood any of it but if Fefe says so, it is so! 😉 I like that, I love to see some burst valves with the Big Data guys.

“Fuck Chrome! Not in a sexual way tho!”

But now … what are we gonna do with that info? Where does it touch our personal computing habits and our security concerns? Is it ok now to use FF again? And if it is okay, did Mozilla come too late, or is the damage they did to their reputation already non-reversible? Because let’s not forget, the couple weeks I’m on Pale Moon now were enough for me to get used to it and love it. It’s not entirely as comfortable as its blueprint, FF, and maybe also not as fast as the new FF57, but at least this is guaranteed free of any commercial interests. And I can internet with a blemish free conscious! So I guess I’m gonna stay on Pale Moon for now.

Would you switch back?

But you, dear readers, what are you gonna do? Is the proposed speed advantage really as important, can you live with the kraken and with a browser maker that proved to be not trustworthy in the recent past?

Not just super hotties, but super bad@$$ Chrome fuckerines as well!


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