The Runs

A.K.A. diarrhea, is something we take as a given once or twice a year. Mixed up with symptoms of the summer flu it kinda throws you off balance and makes you not feel so good.


It started with me (Patient Zero) yesterday and I blamed some food going bad for it. And I was feeling better this morning, even climbed into Oubaas to drop him off at the mechanic … but it became worserer after a short while, so I’m mostly whitering away in my little kingdom of pain and suffering on the sofa.


And now, oy vey, hubby is down too. 😮 So it obviously wasn’t something I eatered but good old Montezuma’s Revenge. Shit. Crap. Tee hee, crap indeed. 🙂 Okay, I guess you mustn’t expect any further bloggo stories today. I’m already ready for the next run to the bathroom.

Laterz …


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