\o/ YAY! \o/ But Also Noooo. :o

Good news: Oubaas is back home. The electro guys where faster, much faster, than anticipated and had the job done in two days.

Electric windows make it possible for the first time since we own this POS, to really close the windows … and have the alarm system activated without false alarms every 5 minutes. Because, as electro master told me, it works with air pressure inside the vehicle, and if the windows are always cranked a bit open, all the wind coming into the waggon will trigger the system. 😦 Good to know, and now we have it under control. Also car stereo completely fitted now. Perfect!
Less perfect is this: Old man Oubaas has severe incontinence problems. 😮 Our private parking bay has just been cleaned, kinda, and five minutes after parking Oubaas there he was already urinating all over the place. Needless to say he’s at the mechanics now. 😦 Never a dull moment.

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