He’s Dead. :(


DeForest_Kelley__Dr._McCoy__Star_TrekLooksie what happened since my desperate call for help. 😮 It was just, like,  in mid december when I asked the community what can be done in order to save our fukn tree. Not too much, it turned out. At least not anything I could do. And now look how it got worse in just 1.5 months.

I guess that thing is beyond help. :/

We saw him grow about twice its original size, and neither heatwave nor frost, no tropical rainstorm and no drought seemed to have any impact on this boldly enterprising botanical friend.

Always growing, always optimistic, he was the first feature of our would-be new house that caught our eyes and left any impression on me already months before we bought it and moved in here.

My own fukn palm tree! Let me repeat that: My. Own. Palm Tree! You have any idea how big of a deal that is for a poor girl from big cold city northern Germany? It was my African dream.

And now … he’s dead. 😦



    • Thx for the hint, hun. I don’t know if palm trees are indigenous here in the area but they do well in the cape climate. And as it so happens we’re just a few clicks off the beach. But I guess it’s already too far off for naturally high saline content in the air and ground.
      Well, we can start to sprinkle that tree with salt water. Or just put salt around it. It’s worth a try.


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