\o/ YAY! \o/

Fuck me, I did it! Managed to get Singularity viewer installed from the AUR. Whooopee. Unfortunately my favourite ArchLinux derivative Manjaro wasn’t cooperative, so I installed a much more pure vanilla Arch-like system, OB Revenge’s MATE Revenge. Ouch, I always was afraid of that stuff. This is so much closer to upstream Arch and stupid little girls like Orca should stay away from that geeky shit.

Singu installs without hiccup.

So for now I’ve only installed it on MiniMe, my lame-ass Lenovo mini PC. Just to get accustomed to it, and see how life is on that system. No more nanny to chaperone me, no safezone, no security buffer. This is hardcore Linux, the professional league. I’m crapping my pants as I write this.

The graphics are pretty bad on at least 10 years old hardware without dedicated graphics.

Buuut! Nevertheless! I managed to install my fave viewer and get Orca’s ass inworld!

At least I’m in world, happily chatting away on IM with Analyse Dean about the fate of our mutual friend Maiti Yenni. Don’t ask, we both had last contact with her weeks ago. 😦

So if all goes according to plan – and what could possibly go wrong? –  I’ll switch this production computer over from my old and trusted Manjaro to the young and wild MATE Revenge in a couple days. Let’s see how all that’ll pan out for me and MiniMax. :/

Chin up, little Orca. For you everything will be much better pretty soon. And then you can go on safari throughout the grid again. We’ve already made a roadmap of all the places we need you to visit. So, dear reader, if you planned to unsubscribe from this blog, now is not a good time to do so! Just hang on and await better inworld stories very soon-ish. =^.^=



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