Where has that Bitch been?

No real blogstory all day, Lucy providing more – and better – content than Orca herself. Have the lights gone out at Orcablog headquarters?

Naaaaw. No worries, babies. Aunty Orcsi was just a bit busy and preoccupied with her van.

Me gotz 4 new shock absorbers today! 2 were, like, dead (one in the back, one in front), one was even broken off its mount. So yes, all new, all around. Can you see Oubaas hanging out at the Pitstop shop? Right next door are the electrical guys who will finally electrify my windows and fix my central locking/alarm system. And next door to them is the pretty Indian take-away, which made me a VERY spicey mince rotie. “Not hot at all, lady, just nice and tasty.” If I got a dollar for every time I fell for that specific Indian lie understatement I’d be rich enough now to buy my own Taj Mahal. And burn it down with my fiery breath! 😮
One of the dead old shocks and two of the new replacements.
New dashpot in place. And you can see our also kinda new muffler and the adjusted driveshaft. You should’ve seen the faces of the mechanics when they noticed this weird white lady weasel around the workshop, documenting it all with her camera.
Believe it or not, this is a brandnew shock. Never used, only touched very carefully by loving mechanic’s hands. :/ Why do they make them white? That’s so stupid. OTOH nobody’s ever gonna be looking under there anyway, right? To call these specifically SAFARI is quite befitting for a shock used in fukn Africa, isn’t it? Makes our shitty suburban wheelchair transport a true African survival car. =^.^=
Riddle solved. Now we know how our parking bay at home became so spotty! Guess it’s automatic gearbox oil dripping there. 😦 Need to get that fixed pretty soon-ish.
Then later at the Fruit’n’Veg center I found Turdy’s rich cousin. Whoa! Now I’m jealous. :/ Naaw, not really. Oubaas is much more fun and gets much more curious eyes on him than that fukn Chev.

Now off to the car stereo/alarm shop to drop Oubaas there for at least the rest of the week. :/

Laterz homies xoxox



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