Remember Prada Marfa?

Yeah, you do. Just a couple weeks ago I blogged about the artististic SL sim The Last Forever, which is modeled after the RL desert town of Marfa/TX, in the United States. And you’ve seen a pretty silly wannabe Prada store in that sim. Here, this:


In RL Marfa this isn’t even a real store, not by Prada or any other fashion brand. It’s an art project. Doesn’t matter much what it is, by incident I’ve found some vids in SL about Prada Marfa:

That thing brings whimsical to a whole new level of whimsiness.

And here we got a video about the art in Marfa. Pretty interesting …

Ok, one more:

And if you were too fukn lazy busy to trek over to Marfa until now, here’s your personal desert taxi.


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