Tolerance Goes Down in Flames. :(

Some people’s kids. 😦

I don’t wanna say anything about this. Really really not! But an article like this I just can’t shrug off. Because it describes humanity in 2017/18 in all its wrongness so perfectly. Read the article and ask yourself a few questions:

Are more people uncomfortable with LGBT now … or have they always been uncomfortable about it? And just didn’t dare speaking up since Obama/Democrats were in power? Did the American conservatives really feel so oppressed by their gov’ment during the whole 8 years of Obama? Did they feel forced to act nice? Did they feel bad about having to behave like reasonable adult humans, and are happy to fall back to animalistic emotions and behaviour now? The amount of sheer willpower and self-restraint you showed through those eight long years … WOW! 🙂

Why? Are they cowards? Only feeling good and powerful if they know the president stands behind them? AFAIK it’s not a crime to openly state you hate gays and lesbians and all the other “perverts”, isn’t it? And now they can shout it out, loud and proud, even attack LGBTs in public. Because they know they are right and just. And the majority of apes is (secretly, anonimously) applauding them.

Is Trump to blame for it? Does that muppet still have enough credibility to influence the thoughts and believes of the masses? Srsly? That would be so very sad.

Hey, listen, I don’t mind LGBT peeps. I’m an adult human being, in a very traditional marriage, secure in my believes (or beliefs?) and convictions and pretty self-assured about my sexuality. I know many people are nor. Or they have other sexual preferences, other political ideas … other … oh wait! Let’s stop for a moment? Since when do we mix sex and gender with politics? If you’re flaming gay it’s not a problem for me as long as you keep your hands off me. If you’re a nazi or a Trump voter you’re a problem. No matter if gay or trans or whatnot!

And if you were okay with LGBT before Trump became POTUS but are not okay with it now … then you are a real problem! Not only for me personally, you just became a problem for humanity!



  1. I am openly trans, it is no new phenomenon , America is homophobic, trans people have been being killed here without even so much as an investigation into the crime in vast numbers. Oh we found a body…oh its one of those tranny’s, probably a prostitute, don’t worry about it, closed case.

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    • It’s because you vote your chiefs of police, no? It’s a political decision, police are public personas with their own mindset and ignorance. In the US the police’s job is to keep the rich happy and save from the poor. That’s all.
      In Europe police are like teachers and taxmen and town hall and all other dept. employees officials of the state, nicely compensated, can’t be fired, and will never ever in their life have to worry about existential things so they have their heads free to actually do their jobs. So a dead tranny or a dead prostitute or a dead shopkeeper or a dead granny or a dead teenager are all on the same scale of priorities.
      Congratz on your boldness tho. I can’t even begin to fathom how hard it must be to be openly trans. I’m happy I’m quite safe in my own sexuality and my body, which ain’t a reason for me to kill or hate confused souls like you.
      I guess the world would be a much better place if everybody could just care about their own business and not meddle with other’s.


      • I don’t vote at all. I know it is popular to vote for the person who is the least of the two evils but for me to put a name on someone and say hey this person represents me actually means something to me, not one of these crooks is MY representative, I would never claim them and don’t!

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