Stressssss… :o

Oh my, ohmyohmy … so much to doooo!!!

And so little time. :/

Must meet up with the mechanic, wanna maybe swap my racing tyres for proper balloony all terrain van tyres and get a new captain’s chair for a betterer, relaxterer ride.

Fancy wheel and tyre. But maybe a bit sporty for an old and tired camping van and wheelchair transport? :/

Also must contact the Lenovo guys about the whereabouts of gaga. I guess they had her for long enough now.

Last time Gaga was seen.

Aaaand, much more important, got lotz of shit to do in SL!!! Promised Celestial Rose to visit her sexy and versatile, multilevel Kyral Threndor sim very soon and planned to review the last two bikes I received from the always so industrious ZZ

How SL looks on MiniMe’s  Intel onboard graphics. 😦

… buuut, there are some stumbling stones in my way: Can’t figure out how to install the fuggin Singularity Viewer in my Manjaro OS from the AUR.

I kow I did it before  and the trick is really pretty simple. Only stupid me forgot how to do it. 😦 So I started Singu from MiniMe, on which I had to install Mint 18.3 first. So I could send an IM with the cry for help to my Linux gurujin Jean Horten. And who knows when she’ll be online the next time. :/

It’s easier than it looks. Just gotta know what the fuk you’re doing. 🙂

Yeah, you see, I need to work around all the probs. Fortunately I’m having enough computing machines at my disposal. Just imagine I’d run into these probs on my one and only computer. 😮 😦


Oh wow!

It’s already time to get started with all the RL shit. Cyall laterz! 😉


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