Always Two Sides …

… to every story.

What can we learn from this cartoon? A lot. A simple lesson would be to not fall into the trap of feeling invincible. We’re a very underdeveloped, brittle species … still we tend to forget that. Or we know it but choose to ignore all warnings. So, not even two years after the Titanic went down, the western world engaged itself in the greatest war in human history. Spinning the story of the unlucky Titanic further into the future we’ve reached a point in time where the infamous Doomsday Clock was just pushed forward some minutes. 😮 Whyyyy, o why? 😮

Do any of us have any problems with China, N Korea, Russia, or Iran for that matter? No, I wouldn’t think so neither. Russia and China make wonderful huge export markets. Why would anyone cause trubbels with those? And why would I throw an atom bomb on any of those places? Knowing exactly that 5 minutes later I’d be dead as well?

We aren’t invincible! And it doesn’t matter that Russia can only kill any of us, like, three times while we, the invincible West, can kill the Russians 10 times. I don’t care if we’d had the last word and winnered the war; dead is fukn dead! 😦

So, back to my original question: What can we learn? Nothing we don’t already know. But will we take what we’ve learned to heart and bring it to good use? Probably not, because … PROFIT! :/

Oh, and one last word, just FYI: I consider the West to be the luxurious, fashionable Titanic, and Russia/China the iceberg. We’re invading their area (snowy, icey and uncomfortably cold) and will go down, leaving behind numerous crates of cooled champagne. Way to be remembered as a species, isn’t it?

Could you fuckers, please, leave me alone with your bullshit?


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