Life is Good!

Some days.

I can tell ya, some days aren’t as bad as most. I mean, ok, Trump is still US prez and the USA wants to kill its own internet … and all other countries in the world because PROFIT! And all that shitty stuff.

A fitting illustration.

😦 But, as I said, some days are good. Everything seems to fall in place, some good things are happening simultaneously, the sun is shining, the van is drivable, breakfast was lekker … so a good day to do a bit of computer maintenance. And now it becomes really good. Like for realsies!

You might remember I was just at Gigabyte and they kinda fixed my mobo. So, hmmm, hmm, I had an idea. Crazy, stupid or genius, doesn’t matter. It was an idea. Went like this:

Me thinking, hey, if the mobo is healed from stupidity maybe I could try to … very slowly, very carefully … delete that stupid Linux Mint and install my beloved Manjaro Linux again.

First a quick check of Manjaro’s homepage and all the available downloads. Whoohoo!

\o/ YAY! Finally a sign of life! \o/

After months of neglecting, the Mate maintainer just published a brand new ISO. Whoa! Even a higher version number than most other spins. Heyyy, I’m the 50th fraggle to download the new version, WCGW*, right?

And indeed …

Not only did Manjaro install without any bitchiness, it also stuck on MiniMax. Means I could shut the machine down, and after reboot it was still there! Wow.
First some little customizations, like for example installing the Nvidia driver, which Manjaro automatically detected, same as my graphics card. Hey, just because one runs a supposedly complicated and geeky Arch derivative doesn’t mean one can’t get some luxuries and creature comforts. Right?
Mounting my external hard drives is a plug’n’play affair. No problem at all.
Using the terminal to install the Singularity Viewer Alpha from the Arch User Repository AUR didn’t really work. :/ Need to ask guruji for the trick, which I have already forgotten by now. 😉
Aaaand very important: Replace the poltically incorrect Firefox with the much more betterer Pale Moon browser. Was I singing Kumbaya while doing so? Of course I was singing Kumbaya! Holding me in low regard, did you?

HappyJapJust some small stuff to add/swap: Getting rid of the primitive Transmisson and replacing it with the hardened war horse Qbittorrent is done in a matter of seconds, putting my email addy into Thunderbird and populating Pale Moon with my extensive collection of bookmarks goes even faster. Now adding some add-ons (cookie destroyer, VPN, un-tracker, adblocker n shit)  and I’m more or less done. As you can see I’m blogging already on the new system. And it feels soooo good, man. =^.^= Only thing left to do is finding the stupid Linux Gurujin and asking her another hole in the stomach. And then Ahoy SL!

Aaaand what can’t be missed under no circumstances, because we love to laugh danger in its menacing face:

Setting the repo to Unstable. According to some peepels this matches my mindset quite perfectly. No, shit aside, since this is Manjaro and not, like. “real” Arch I hope all the packages have already been thoroughly tested before hitting my computer.
Of course I’m rocking the latest/greatest Linux Kernel. It’s a question of honour to do so! It’s what distances adults from kidz, ArchLinux from silly Ubuntu stuff, and Orca from the sane part of humanity.

Disclaimer: Fraggles, don’t feel bad about me boasting with my much much nicer Linux. Well, you could and you should feel a bit bad … but not too bad. Okay? I’m actually a yuge fan of Linux Mint and recommend it wholeheartedly. Not just for bloddy n00bs and toddlers but for everybody! It’s really a well-rounded software product. An environment to feel comfy in. I’m using it myself in various guises. So you shouldn’t feel ashamed to run Minty, quite contrary: It’s good for your computer and for you, and a reason to be proud of your fancy system!

*WCGW = What Could Go Wrong?


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