MiniMax is Healed!

Was at the Gigabyte repair center today. But quite contrary to my usual method I left the mobo in the machine and told the repair man to please check how MiniMax boots up in its recent configuration. So he could experience the same shit like me. Aaaand … it werked! In so far that it didn’t work, so they had to believe what I said about the fukn board. Even the culprit was quickly found: The CMOS battery was empty. 😮 Don’t ask me how such a thing can happen. AFAIK these things last for lifetimes and my mobo is only 4.something years old.

Not nice and tidy … but it worx!!!

Doesn’t matter, me gotz a new battery and new SATA cable for the SSD (dunno why), the board didn’t have to be sent to Gigabyte in Jo’burg but I could take it directly home with me and am busy typing this post on it right now!

Life’s good again. 🙂


One comment

  1. Ah yes the good old Cmos battery…it is one of the first things s to check when having erratic behavior as it is part of the power delivery system. They, of course, go bad, they are just small batteries and they are not rechargeable nor is there a charging system on a motherboard if they were.


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