Sansara’s South, Part 2 and a Half

Hello again from inworld SL! Yes, I indeed spent some time inworld this morning, continuing my road travel of Sansara’s southern half of the continent.

I’ve logged off over a week ago, on January 13, at exactly this junction in Thompson. Yes, we remember the eerie church, so today I take a left turn here to finish my loop. Hoping to find a rez spot – to retrieve my VW camper van – on the way.
Some interesting lanscaping and builds in this area. As I’ve already noticed the last time, Sansara’s south appears like a more mature, grown up version of its northern counterpart.
Using my good old banline HUD I indeed manage to find a rez platform … wich doesn’t have enough free prims for me to rez the camper. 😮
But then I find a rez area at a cliff of sorts. Not the most comfy rez but it’ll do. It has to do since I miss my camper soooo much.
And with the camper’s flight capabilities it’s kinda easy to get back on the road.
Of course now, with non-wearable vehicle, I’m susceptible to Linden’s sim border shenanigans …
And then: This! A rez plat directly on the side of the road. Thank you, thoughtful resident. Too late for me tho. :/
Oh, and someone made a sim border clearly visible. Thx for trying I guess but 1) it won’t help against the border induced misfunctions and anomalities, and 2) nobody moves a vehicle on mainland without having the minimap open. So I knew already the sim border was there long before the line became visible.
OOopsie, wotz dat? Someone projects my profile photo to the public without asking me? Asshole. Fortunately I’m a publicity whore so it’s more than okay. 🙂
Finally we’re back in Bear. I started last week’s tour here. If you watch closely you can see the giant buddha in the background where he watches over the Japanese shopping mall. I turn right this time …
All bridges in the south seem to be of the same design: Wooden, without any railings or other security measures.
Ever heard of The Years rock club? Neither have I. Dunno when they had the last party here, in 2005 or what?
I shoulda looked in the world map before I took this road. Instead of connecting me with the larger network this road just ends. No rez, no nothing. It just terminates. Get off your vehicle and go home!
A bit further to the north, not far off Sea of Fables’ southern coastline I spot another (official) rez area. I rez the camper and decide to go back to bed. And this time not wait for another full week before continuing my journey. This time let tomorrow really be tomorrow. 😉

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