That’s Neat

Heyas, look here what I just found on Inara’s blog:

Sorry, this small size was all I could find.

Even though The Lab themselves have just declared technical bankruptcy by not publishing a Linux version of their latest viewer, all the really important viewers come with their own very nice GNU/Linux versions in 32- and 64-bit.

Anyhoo, if you’re an Xer in SL – and why shouldn’t you be one? – here is a little something to show what a nifty person your avie is. Just nick the SL Tux from here or from Inara Pey’s blog, copypasta it into your SL profile, edit it on the walls of your house, your boat, heli, spaceship, whatever and show the rest of the SL residency what a seriously Kool Kid you are!

Have funz!


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