Did You Know

… that G00gle uses Linux? Of course you did. I mean they are obviously the corporation with the mostest servers worldwide … and servers traditionally are powered by Linux. So much for Maiti’s argument that Open Source software can never be professional. BTW, where is that bitch lately? Don’t she know we all worry about her?

Ok, back to Linux. News for me was that the high and mighty G00gle, until recently, was using Ubuntu. Wot? 😮 The amateurish beginner distro Ubuntu? In Google’s offices? Their own goobuntu spin, but still Ubuntu by heart. Well, they must’ve noticed how stupid they looked and just swapped their OS from *buntu to Debian.

g00buntu be gone, Hello gLinux!

Now that’s a bit better. Of course nobody likes Debian cuz it’s not sexy. But it’s famous for being rocksolidstable, ergo professional! Google’s own spin is called gLinux. Anyway, they seem to be happy with Linux since a very long time now. And the proud Bavarian city of Munich looks doubly stupid now. 😮



  1. Most of the people who claim they do not like Linux use it everyday. Google is one such example, as is Amazon, Ebay, Facebook, etc etc etc. Even their stupid “smart” phones..Android is technically a Linux Distro…but they hate linux right?

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    • Or they don’t even know/care about all that stuff. As long as they get all the new movies and cameras and sex toys and shit, and can pay for it with a single mouseclick – or rather a tap on the phone – the world is in order for them. I wasn’t even commenting about the consumer, who, as we both know, is stupid af, but about the Google ppl themselves. I knew they were on Linux, had to, but using a slightly altered *buntu of sorts ain’t very professional, is it? And anyway, Ubuntu isn’t even American! It’s made by a fukn South African with his company based in England. Trump won’t be so happy about that. 😮


      • I hear you. But, if you think about it. Most of the people who get a job at Google and walk into work on day one have never used Linux and Google requires EVERYONE to use Linux. Ubuntu makes sense if you look at it from that perspective, they have 10’s of thousands of employees and a fairly high entry level turn over rate. The easiest to use noob friendly distro would make perfect sense, at least it does for me. I am using Mint for example, I do not understand why anyone would want it to be less simpler.

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        • Yes to Mint, it’s a good choice (using it right now), Ubuntu with fairy glitter and ralley stripes and a hint of magic. Superdooper!

          But honestly, Ubuntu in itself was never particularly easy to use or n00bie friendly. And it comes with too many restrictions and shit that makes your life as a user more harder and complicatederer. 😮


          • For me, it is all about package management. I dont want to mess with tar ballz and other random shit. I just want to click the little button, get my program, click the freaking thing and it install…sounds very windowsy I know..but I like stupid simple…click and it works. Some distros I tried, you have to like choose folders and all kinds of crazy mess….eek..no thank you.

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