I Kinda Liked Her

She dead … or just turned into a zombie?

For me the Cranberries were a shortlived pseudo-grunge band of the early 90s. Not much more. And I forgot they’ve ever existed shortly after their debut album. They fell into obscurity for me.

Zombie was a simplistic pop-grunge hit which didn’t leave any deep impact on me … but all in all I liked Dolores’ singing style when not served in big portions. It was all a bit overly theatrical, dramaqueenish, wannabe political and pompous music for little girls.

Rest of the band? Their musical quality? Cranberries impact on the international music development? Pffft.

Anyhoo, dying with just 46 must suck, like, totally and I feel very sorry for her.

R.I.P. Dolores O’Riordan



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