Home Again!

Here, peeps, looksie this photo:


Shit, yes I know. Boring screenshot of a whacky, not well aligned oldfashioned 4:3 screen. And we remember this bad screen is attached to my MiniMe Lenovo pc. The one I just failed to install GeckoLinux on. So, what I did now was installing my personal favourite Linux ever, Manjaro Mate on it. No prob since, as I said the little MiniMe usually swallows everything I give it. Quite contrary to my “good” SL and blogging computer, MiniMax.

And what can I tell you? It feels so good. Nothing against Linux Mint, it’s a very fine, universally beloved system. But when push comes to shove nothing beats working on my good old Manjaro ArchLinux. And what I can confirm now, without the shadow of a doubt: My USB stick with the Manjaro ISO installation files on it works perfectly, so it’s indeed the fukn stoopid self-built MiniMax to blame. Particularly the mainboard. Gigabyte repair themselves don’t know anymore what to do with that thing. My Linux guruine told me as well that this mobo was outdated shit, when I bought it. Guess I should have gone with a more costly one, a higher class thing. 😦

Left very old, totally outdated computer with cool Linux. Right much more moderner but half-broken computer with very uncool Linux. 😦 Also known as First World Problems.

Well, now it’s too late, M-ITX LGA1150 sockets aren’t available anymore, at least not in South Africa. No wonder, Intel by now is two or three generations advanced of what I have. So in order to get that thing up to date and up to speed again I’d need to get a brandfukn new mobo and CPU. And probably RAM as well. Baaah, expensive shit. 😮 And I don’t know what hubby will have to say about my idea, particularly now that MiniMax is doing mostly well on Mint. Probably a rather very short sentence that ends on “… off!”


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