What a Fukn Honour!

Here guys, LOOK!


Uccie, formerly known as Ucello Poultry is a childhood idol of mine. I guess I wasn’t even a week old in SL, but already a regular at the famous Island of Lesbos (IoL) when I first stumbled across her name. She was the builder/gardener/security of IoL as far as I remember. Which made her an untouchable by n00bie plebs like me.

Nowadays she’s one of the upper crust of Bay City’s residents and still building stuff and enjoying life with her 2 or 3 blue-skinned alts and her partner Angie. And, believe me, if I had the finances, I’d so buy a parcel in BC as well. No, not because of Uccie, not entirely, but because it’s such a nifty town.

Back In Black 02a - Top
Uccie’s bloggo

As you might have noticed I’m stalking Uccie’s blog religously, even tho she’s not writing much anymore. But anyway, you can be assured that all newness I disperse around here, about BC events and happenings I gathered from her blog. And now, o wow, Uccie lowered her expectations as she has decided to become a disciple of Orca as well. 🙂

https://s.wp.com/wp-content/mu-plugins/achievements/followed-blog-100-2x.pngWelcome to my totally humble little shitblog, Uccie. Happy to have you. \o/ xooxox \o/

BTW, Uccie is my #101 follower, as I’ve just jumped the magic hurdle.



    • “Why I haven’t followed before this I don’t know”

      Neither do I, hun. Shame on you I guess. 😉

      “you flatter me far too much”

      Ain’t I sweet? Huahuahua! :)))


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