Fuk the Drought!

Although The City is sending out municipal empoyees, taking names of and writing tickets for water sinners, look what one of my pot plants just did overnight!


That’s what happens when you’re a guerilla gardener and don’t wanna see all your plants going kaputt. Beautiful ain’t it?


Also it just started to rain and I did my ritualistic rain dance. Hope that helps.:)


It obviously didn’t help our Yesterday Today Tomorrow. That thing looks worse than ever before. And see the condition the lawn is in? And all the ground crawlers? Yes, terrible.

We made a new plan to deal with the long term climatic changes: Let the garden go bust, even the lawn, then tile the whole piece and just have some potted plants, we can water much more focused and care better for their survival.

And hubby can wheel around our land much more freely and unhindered.

Good plan?

Oh! 😮

Ugh man. :/ It already stopped raining. 😦 That’s not gonna save us nor our garden. 😮


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