Linux Finds a Way

E viva Espana!

I know, the quote from Jurassic Park goes a little different but Linux, like Life will always find a way. And contrary to unruly dinosaurs, if Linux finds its way it’s always good for humanity. After German city Munich kicked their Linux project to the curb, the pretty mediterranean city of Barcelona/Spain has joined many more cities in switching their IT over to Linux and Open Source. 🙂





And while the counter-switch to Microsoft in Munich only benefitted one person (mayor’s wife probably got a sexy new car or what do I know), Barcelona’s move towards GNU/Linux and FOSS will benefit all taxpayers in the region.

According to the news report, the city plans to first replace all its user applications with alternative open source applications. This will go on until the only remaining proprietary software will be Windows where it will finally be replaced with a Linux distribution.

That sounds very reasonable. Hey, it’s the same way as I did it. My motivation was a bit different though. It was pure stingyness that made me use FOSS exclusively already 20 years before I ever heard of Linux. 😉 But nevertheless, it’s a good way to get at it. The function of all the user software must be guaranteed before you can finally switch the OS, which is the smallest of all tasks.

With this move, Barcelona becomes the first municipality to join the European campaign “Public Money, Public Code“.

See that? European campaign! Hey, those Spaniards showing us how it’s done, how to be good Europeans!

Congratz Barcelona. And Boo! and shame on Munich. 😦




  1. Yeah it is sad to see how Limux was sacrificed on the high altar of local politics. I met two guys from their admin team on a conference and the insights were quite interesting.
    The main problem of Limux was that it didn’t win the hearts of the people, and especially with Linux that is a stony path. There were massive disagreeing on whether Linux or Microsoft is the right path, and the leader of the ministry responsible for the city’s IT was strongly opposed it, while the mayor and finances were for it.
    So imagining such a project and the leadership being against it? That spells doom even before things started.

    Winning the people in that moment and encouraging them to switch is almost impossible, especially if it is such a fundamental thing as office or the os.
    Does it make sense? Mostly not, but people get confused when they leave their worn out paths.
    I saw something similar happen here just shortly. We kicked out the old telephony switching to UC all the way. I now only have a slim set up with a headset on my desk, the software running on my machine, and I am all happy, and wireless … awesome.
    Yet to avoid grumbling (and with 13.000 people that is bound to happen), people could ask for real phones on their desks and still around half the desks have them, when I walk the corridors … so now it will need time for those phone to see how happy we headset user are, and make them want to switch … but achieving that with an os and standard software is a far bigger task.

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    • Yes, the most disabling factor when it’s about new technology is … people. But fortunately they are just people and can be ignored and as I’ve heard the enthusiasm for Linux was quite great when the IT boss introduced it in 2009 I guess it was. And the users were happy as well. It’s just when a new mayor was voted into city hall the atmosphere changed and became quiet hostile. We must not forget that Munich is the location of Microsoft’s German headquarters. Being show the door by a happy and free OS … on their home turf isn obviously a hard pill to swallow for them. Understandable.
      So with some bullying, lies, underhanded deals and some gravy lubrication money won over logic, as it’s so often. Does MS need the ~ 10.000 Windows installs in Munich’s adminstration? Fuk no, finacially it’s hardly a drop in the ocean. But at this point it’s a question of honour and a show of power and who has the biggest balls.
      As it has turned out nearly all arguments against Linux were fabricated, lies and/or overdramatized. And by cutting of finances and hardware support for the LiMux project they doomed it to a certain death.

      And it all started out so nicely. 😦


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