Sansara’s South, Part 2

Logging in today, still standing on the Y junction, VW camper gone. Of course it’s gone, that’s what autoreturn does to even the most honest, unlittering vehiclists. Snooping around the area for like 10 minutes but no rez area to be found. Friends, when LL employees – not LDPW Moles – made this first mainland continent they haven’t thought about creating rez zones at each and every junction and crossroads of Linden Routes. Heck, the roads here aren’t even called Linden Routes but just “Protected area” or sumsuch. Anyhoo, before going crazy I decide to just continue the travel on my trusty wearable moped. Perfect.

I rez attach the moped on the same fork in the road where I logged off.
I originally planned to turn left and do a small loop to the west before re-joining this road but somehow, in my excitement, I just ride straight on and immediately enter an area dominated by a huge Japanese settlement/shopping mall.
With my windlight everything looks warm but a bit eerie. Me gotta explore that whatever it is.
I love the entrepreneurial spirit of some merchants to have small stores inworld instead of just relying on the Marketplace mail order system.
As it turns out the Kiyomizu mall is a very nice build, full of little stores selling whimsical Japanese stuff. Highly recommended. And don’t forget, you’re shopping with Buddha’s blessing here.
Then immediately after leaving the mall reality hits. Hard. Prim littering isn’t what we wanna see, do we?
Jeezuz people, it’s 2018, griefing is so, like, totally out it’s not cool anymore. Fukn particles ruining my mood.
And only a few meters ahead I stumble about this Tachikoma. Just imagine how fine the GitS movie could have been, had they included the tachikomas as eager little helpers and comedic relief. But no, Hollywood is the destroyer of everything good and holy.
Really enjoying my road trip now. Sansara looks pretty modern and well kempt in many areas.
I notice many new mesh builings, which indicates an influx of new money into the old continent. Why didn’t I check out southern Sansara much earlier?
This starts to feel like a real holiday trip.
And the smaller inner Oceans of the South are making for some interesting shorelines and lovely driving/riding.
Cool builds everywhere, but hardly any griefing. 🙂
At the Hamlin junction I turn right to make my little excursion even biggerer.
Modern times won’t even stop for old Sansara. Renewable enerygy is all the rage here!
And the spectacular views of oldtimey continents are stunning.
Those roads are an open invitation for illegal streetracing, aren’t they? So I feel kinda silly on my moped. Doesn’t matter, silly is my middle name. =^.^=
If only I had my Ferrari now …
Come on, this is gorgeous, isn’t it?
Rivers and bridges in abundance telling us we’re indeed on Sansara.
Such sudden changes of season are only possible in the realm of SL.
Loving this trip more and more.
Whoa! Great mansion, great light effects.
This chapel is almost too stylish.
Then in Thompson, another decison to make … tomorrow. 🙂
As much as I love my moped, still missing the camper. Let’s see if I can find a rez area close by.
The loop I did today. It’s beautiful down there. I’m not yet finished but had to log off for RL stuff. :/

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