Really Looking Forward to …

Altered Carbon. Thank you Netflix for trying to put one of my most beloved novels of the new millenium onto the small screen. Now we just gotta hope you’re not fuxxing it up. 😮

I like Grace. I really do. She my girl and no shit. But she’s very wrong about Altered Carbon. It’s in no way comparable with GitS. Identity is no problem in Takeshi Kovacs’s world of hardboiled detective stories, people are changing sleeves as they fancy or are forced to. All kind of races and even gender swaps are totally normal. Our hero is in fact already a Hungarian/Japanese blend, which rarely shows in the many sleeves he wakes up in on the different planets of the protectorate.

But like Grace I don’t have high hopes for Netflix to get the material right. The novels are kinda intelligently written with always a slight socio-cultural criticism built into the very fabric of the plots. I fear Netflix will forego that aspect in favour of flashy world building and dirty fight scenes. Richard K. Morgan is a wildly talented writer and has his very own style. It would be a freakin’ shame if Netflix would dishonour his core material in any way.

The dirty start










… the bigger sequel

But let’s see how it turns out before downvoting the shit out of Altered Carbon. Because only if it’s liked by audiences we’ll have a chance to see the two sequels Broken Angels and Woken Furies as well. And they’ll be on a much greather scale too,. So let’s not fuk this up. Pleeez!!!


… and the culmination


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