The Worst Movie of 2017?

The Snowman (2017) downloadIf one can believe the critcs – and why wouldn’t we? – this questionable honour goes to The Snowman. A movie with all the best intentions and a good cast (Michael fukn Fassbender!) but … dunno, something went wrong during the production. What we get to see is, again according to the critics, a half-finished product. The Snowman was released much too early with many sceens not even filmed and many plotholes still in the story. According to the critics the story doesn’t even make any sense the way it was filmed.

Well, according to Orca, she likes to decide for herself what is shit and what is not. Only after she has watched the alleged trainwreck herself she’ll be able to tell you if it’s worth watching or better not. So, if you haven’t watched The Snowman yet, please wait until tomorrow, when I’ll write a O@tM about it.

If it’s indeed crappola it would be, like, very bad and sad. We love Jo Nesbo and we love his novels about police detective Harry Hole from the Oslo Police. He embodies the film noir crime stories perfectly and would’ve earned a much better movie as a foundation of a whole series, a fukn franchise!


Ok, movie is down and sorted into the correct folder. After we just watched Blade Runner 2049 (O@tM coming soon) we’ll be watching The Snowman later tonight. Let’s see if it’s really as bad as everybody says it is …


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