More Than a Year has Passed


… and still the trauma seems to be very acute with many of the more intelligent and aware Americans. The fight, the sad feels, the hopelesness, it’s all real! Look what my old friend, the always wonderful and sexy Tasha Kostolany has just sent out to all Tradewinds Yacht Club (TYC) members:


Apart from this funny Trump TV “avitar”* she also had some good news: TYC has two new RDs who are about to restart sailing/racing activites in Dex. I wish them, the club and Tasha the best of luck in a hopefully better and more sailorish 2018!


Oh, and also Tasha did send out a link to TYC’s new facebook site/page/presentation or whatever they have there:

Ugh… 😦

But since truly intelligent avies would never ever join that facebook thingy, we can’t see it and so TYC on the internet will always stay hidden in obscurity. :/

Meanwhile TYC’s much more sexy sister club, TrYC, must still do with one RD, the Brazilian beauty Lucy Afarensis, and her one single weekly race with the freebie Shields boat. Guys, if any of you want to see some more action in and around Triumphal and feel up to the simple task of hosting a boat race, please don’t hesitate and talk to either head RD (Big Cheese) LucyInTheSky Afarensis and/or Sim Owner/Administrator Trapez Breen.

You see, the good old Orca is much too lazy and chillaxed, and also busy with this blogthingy, to put any labour into Triumphal and its yacht club. So YOU gotta do it. Bring back Triumphal to former glory as SL’s most sexy/bitchy/bikinipowered yacht club!

*If Tasha will ever learn that the right term is avatar, not avitar? And thx to my alt-sister Mowry Rubble for modeling the Trump TV Avatar.


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