The Dreaded Update

The what?

Heyyy, we’re not on Windows, so we have nothing to fear.


This is a just finished system update. The message in the box says: Your System is Up to Date. While the update was running I continued to watch YouTube videos, totally unlike in Windows, which kicks you out every time they are running updates on your computer. And not only that, in Linux I fukn decide for myself if and when I wanna run the update.

I guess I’ve told y’all about this niftyness a couple times before already but I’m kinda falling in love with Linux all over again, every time an update is due. It’s not geeky and nerdy, it’s a kind of magic. 😉

Ok ok, I know this was such a cheesy choice of a cheesy video. You may call me Captain Obvious now. 😦



  1. In defence of windows 😉 they have learned, since you probably used it for the last time, and have made the process much more convenient 😉

    And talking about videos …. I will throw this in the ring 😉 Because in the end, we are one big crappy family 😉

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    • Never seen it before. Thanks for showing me. And, yes, that part was what reallly got me: If it’s good enough to go to the moon, it is good enough for me.


  2. This is the main reason I love linux. It’s the only OS I trust to automatically update because I don’t have to click the stupid “remind me later” box when asked if I want to restart… because I don’t even HAVE to restart!

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    • Zacly, Jordan! And even if you happen not to trust a certain package, or just don’t need it, you can uncheck all the single packages that are going to be updated. It’s what Linux ppl mean when they talk about Free software. It’s not necessarily free of cost but it’s free to do whatever one fancies with it.


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