Manjaro is a Top Hit!

Well, we knew that already didn’t we? This relatively geeky ArchLinux derivative is in the Top 10 on Distrowatch since years, and lately even in the Top 5. But now, after quite a long absence from lurking on the Distrowatch site, today I saw this:


Whoa! Manjaro is on rank #2 in the standard 6 mths ranking. #2!!! Get that? Among thousands of Linux distros, lots of very newbie friendly stuff, many of them too clever and easy for their own good, out of the left field appears the rising star Manjaro and passes all the nifty, modern stuff. Only Ubuntu’s most fancy child, the adorable Mint, is still topping Manjaro.

But when we look at the chart of the last 7 days …


… boah! Did you see that? DID YOU SEE THAT???

The little freakish DIY toolbox, and unloved ArchLinux stepchild, Manjaro has made it to the absolute #1 spot! Relentlessly pushing developers and distro retainers, plus one of the most active communities, made it possible. No way to climb any further for Manjaro, no place to go from here on out.

Well, hmm, maybe if Manjaro manages to stay in the number 1 spot even in the 6 months ranking …



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