Sansara’s South

Oh Hey! 😉

After yesterday’s failed attempt to travel the snowlands of Sansara, today I try a bit different approach.

I ignore the MB Camper and rez my lovely Samba Bus in non-snowy area at Duckfjord. I want to drive the road to the Right, which is a bit too steep for my underpowered aircooled Volkswagen engine, so I cheat and switch my camper to Flight mode.
Flying comes with its own set of problems, particularly when the steep hillside is located directly at a sim border. 😮 So after a little blackout I find myself and the bus abandoned in a ditch on the roadside. 😦
No problem. With a bit of flying/editing I get my wheels back on the road and here we go again: ONWARD BOUND! (she constitutes from the comforts of her RL house).
I know the icey, snowy sims are just a couple meters away; the more I enjoy driving through lush green landscape for a while.
But soon the green turns to white again and I go from California to Alaska in a matter of, like, 20 meters.
God bless the optimistic SL sales people: A store for the Portly Furry is exactly what I don’t need right now but sorta reminds me of Big Buck Bunny. 🙂
I love to drive along these mixed wintery/snowy but still green roads. Surrounded by mountains this is the right adventure/joy ride.
Quite beautiful in its own way, I even leave the canvas rolltop open, so I can enjoy the clear winter air of the lovely/harsh landscape.
Then suddenly, in a matter of less then 20 meters or so we’re back in the lush greenery of Sansara’s provincial southern areas.
This bridge …
… leads us over a little bay in Miller sim. This is the old SL mainland at its most typical.
After more climbing/flying we get to a fork in the road. Yikes! I study the world map and decide to turn right, which shall bring us back into the snowlands.
But first we drive thru lovely “normal” sims. It’s all a bit oldfashioned here. Remember when every landowner tried to make their own rivers and creeks and stuff? Mhm, that’s what we see here, for this ain’t Linden water.
Riding along this dead end road is just lovely!
After having been tossed around for about a minute I canot really appreciate these warning signs. Too little too late, my friends. Too little. Too late.
Next steep hill. Time to start the Flight mode again. :/ I hate to cheat the system but with the weakling VW engine … ugh, you know.
A particularly steep uphills part of the road ends at the Pickle Club. Maybe a good place to have some beers or a schnaps and calm down after the uphills torture.
Snow again??? No fear, it’s just xmas deco and totally artificial … not real SL snow. LOOOOL!
But a bit later the road just ends in a snow drift. It’s a dead end if you don’t wanna continue on a snow mobile. But then … no, we don’t, do we?
So we just turn the rig around and drive slowly back to Bonga, where we re-enter the main road.
This area looks like the latest developments in our RL suburb: Roads ending in The Nowhere, where some speculators have bought huge chunks of environmentally protected land and opened them up for residential/commercial development. I love it when gov’ment and private business work together in such well-lubricated fashion. Don’t you love gravy as well? Only in the case of LL, I doubt they are corrupt in any way and the basic infrastructure on their oldest mainland continent didn’t change in a very long time. I doubt we can expect anything new popping up here anytime soon … if ever.
Then, finally back at the Bonga intersection, I make a turn to the right in order to follow a general south/east direction.
Then in Thompson, right before entering the woodbridge, I make a sharp right in direction straight south. Still trying to find a way to the most southern point of Sansara’s road net.
In all my nearly 11 years on the grid, and countless motorcycle trips, I’ve never been here, never went that far south on SL’s mainliest mainland. This is exciting. At least for me it is. 😉
At this intersection, even with the Dead End already in sight, I still decide to follow the road in order to finally get a sense of partial completion. 🙂
But … hmmm … in Alcona the road ends. It just ends without much fanfare. Very sober and unpathetic. Not even warning sign or a barricade. That’s some baaad landscaping, Lindens! Maybe send some LDPW moles to style this a bit nicer. I mean it’s the southernmost point of your most honourable continent’s infrastructure, the place where it all began.
Talking about 11 years, does a lady of my biblical age really has to accept being treated like this? Hey LL, wakey wakey and fik your fuxin grid!!!
Apart from the occasional “problematic” sim crossing, I follow the road on its general north/east course. Not much lag and roads in pretty good condition. Gone are the times of Sansara being the toilet of SL, a lag-stricken griefer’s paradise, full with fugly buildings and @narchy. =^.^=
The woodbridge in Cranberry leads us into Sansara’s midlands*. Only way for us to go now is North.
Decisions, decisions! 😮 This fork in the road is just the first of a row in quick succession. But I’m so tired and weary right now from the fighting and crashing, all I want is logging out. Not even looking for a nice boondocking space/rez area. Will continue tomorrow and make my decision then.
Map service for the most lazy readers: My blip shows where I logged out today. From here on out you can follow my route backwards to the start just by clicking the conveniently placed links in this article. 🙂 Come on, don’t be a lard ass. =^.^=

* PS: Technically we’re still in the southern parts of Sansara and none of the bridges/waterways are connected with the main sailing areas of Sea of Fables, Mare Secundus and the rivers and coastal waters further to the North, the Sandbox Region and up to Bay City. In the best case there are still some embankment dams in between them. The water level in South Sansara is decidely higher than in the North, that’s why the dams became a necessity. So for an adventure cruise of the whole continent some magical trickery is needed in order to pass the Great Divide. 🙂

And it’s well worth getting some scuba equipment and check out the southern oceans for subaquatic architecture.


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