Let’s Forget elementary Linux Now, Once and For All! And Forever!

But the shirts are nice

Yes, you remember correctly, I gave elementary Linux a hard time. And vice versa, elementary wasn’t nice to me either. Yes, I think it’s a stupid distro and don’t recommend it for anyone. No, I even go as far as saying I DON’T WANT YOU TO EVEN GET CLOSE TO THAT SHIT!

Anyhoo, as you also know for a fact is that Orca isn’t even half the geeky expert she appears to be. So why would you believe in her expertise? (But I know I’m right, dammit! /me jumps up and down and stomps her Size 0 feet like a fukn rumplestiltskin) But anyway, what if a real clever guy tells you elementary is crap as well, would  you believe him and me then?

Watch this:

Basically Tom’s final thoughts are it’s not a good OS, totally bad for n00bs, annoying for experts. And he wants it to go away. So, okay, can you all install Linux Mint now, please?

I said INSTALL MINT NOW! Like NowNow!

… What?

No, Trap, you shut up yourself!




    • “per your orders I’ll resist.”
      Good boy, Jordan. xxoox

      “Mint is a good recommendation for noobs.”
      Not only for n00bs. I wished people would finally accept it as the full blown fantastic OS it really is. Running Mint right now on my main PC since Manjaro/Mate crapped off and won’t let me reinstall it.:o

      “I’m gonna be publishing a post on the linux file system on 1/14”
      What is that?
      You know I’m a Linux user … but that’s pretty much all I am. Not having my nose inserted deep into any community or developing stuff.

      “I’d like to hear your feedback when it posts.”
      Would love to but I’d need a link to where I can find your post.


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