Mmmm, it’s time to go a bit inworld, continue my cruise of Sansara’s snowy region. But this time I wanna go solo, without my stupid family, the USeless Army. :/

After a little while I find a rez zone in Gourdneck, right on the border to the snowlands.

Also I don’t rez my beloved Volkswagen Samba Bus but my fancy American style MB Camper. That thing is so slow it should give me perfect security in sim crossings. And I plan to cross a lot of sims tonight. Actually I wanna travel all the roads of southern Sansara. Usually it happens that I rez on Mowry’s intersection and travel on the roads north of the Sea of Fables. But today I feel more adventurous.

“I’m too old for this shit!”

But not even a minute later my careful plan is destroyed by the first sim border. No rubberbanding, no eternal walk/drive, no stuckyness … Orca’s tossed around in the air like a fukn n00b for some minutes … only to end up back on the asphalt. And without my vehicle. 😮

Yes, Orca’s first thought is similar to mine. An almost 11 years old avie will not be treated like this. At least she won’t accept such shit, so I take her out of the game. It’s 5:30 a.m. at my RL location and at this time all I wanna do is relaxin’ and crusin’, not crashin’ and burnin’. Will maybe try again tomorrow like.


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