The End of the World

… as we know it is upon us. No, not because Donald wants to show Kim who is the bigger dick but because the apocalypse is coming for us in the form and shape of a natural disaster. 😮

2016 commercial water restrictions explained Header

I’m talking about the ongoing drought that got our fair city firmly in its dry grip. And there’s no rain, no escape for us. 😮

Every newspaper, every website, every radio and TV station in the world knows the new date for the Tap Off will be March 18. Only the official website of our fair city at the bum of the world doesn’t know it yet. Maybe tomorrow …

DAY ZERO! Is coming closer and closer and even faster than predicted. The date for the feared water supply off was just pushed forward from April 29 to March 18. It’s just not raining enough and the fukn Capetonian hippies are too lazy and druggy to earnestly save water. 😦 They’re kinda right you know. Who needs water when you can have Coca Cola and beer? Showering and hygiene? Pfff…

Didn’t know Kaapstad was a desert town.

At least we can count on the politicians who are pushing the blame back and forth. That’s good and fine and very valuable service, alas I don’t think any political party has yet found the trick to make it rain. 😦

And this mucked up old song is still the best soundtrack we have available …


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