Some Days

Some days are soooo rich. Some days are giving us bloggers so much material to fun about, discuss, criticize, report on. Some days are just too much. Some days are not even inspiring despite a whole grab bag full of material. Some days are just making me angry. Some days are just making me sad. Some days are just too much for me to handle and analyze. Some days are puke-worthy.

Today is such a day:

No more! Please make it stop!!!

You know I could spend hours days just reporting and commenting about these three stories. And this is but one of many many websites I check each and every day. Just one small part of the caleidoscope that I try to filter for blogworthy stuff day in day out. And Thar She Blows! ain’t even a political, socio-cultural blog but a Second Life blog by heart. A SL Sailing blog with GNU/Linux coverage as a side project.

At least that was the initial planning.

And then a certain character became POTUS and everything changed. Nothing is, and probably never will be, like it used to be. :/

I’m just lucky the three Boing Boing top stories of the day have wonderful titles and are kinda self-explanatory, so I won’t even need to write anything about them.

Maybe … let me write a very brief editorial so you are best informed:

Trump suffers from warped self-perception is the same as always, Michael Wolff is the Captain Obvious of the week, and the US health care system is and stays elusive.

GroundhogDayHm, when one thinks about it, those aren’t even news. Nothing to report about. Cool, my blog isn’t so far behind the daily political landscape. Now we know what’s going on in the world on this 8th day of 2018. Trump will be the same braggadocious troglodyte like he was yesterday, hordes of journalists and failed politicians will come up with more or less clever/true accusations against him and Americans will largely die without insurance.

Orca’s done her job, Orca can go home. =^.^=

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