***EDIT*** NOW! The Mini to End it All! ***EDIT***

You know Orca doesn’t think that powerhouse computers necessarily have to come in more or less clunky biiiig boxes. She prefers sexy and small (just like her avie, hehe) and showed you some more or less compromised examples throughout the last couple years. Turned out most of them were very capable office warriors but in the first place just nice cheap machines to test Linux on. And far away from being nice gaming computers.

Small? Yes, very tiny. And very nice for testing Linux distros. But gaming?

Well, enough of that! Not of Linux but enough of ungamery office computers. Orca knows what you really want. So I asked my friends at Intel and AMD to make it so. And now looksie what Intel – on my orders – just revealed to the public at the CES:

Introducing the Hades Canyon. It’s another NUC alright. But different this time. Intel have paired their newest numbercruncher with a very capable AMD Vega graphics chip that should give you graphics in the GTX1060 range. Hey, this should run your Second Life quite handsomely. And all that condensed into an elegant 1.2 liters box. Sounds almost too good to be true. But would they show it at CES if it was vaporware?

*Brain assplodes*

This, my friends, this is reality! And it’s happening now!

Intel wants to have 800 – 1000 of your hard earned cashbucks, which is admittedly a lot of money. Buuut, I guess most of us have paid wayyy more for our recent rigs, right? And this thing is sooo cuddly and nice and sweet and probably won’t even overheat. If that concept proves “doable” – and we don’t have any  reason to believe it isn’t, else Intel won’t show it at CES – I’d be willing to swap my entire machine park for one of those Hades Canyons. Even with that fugly skull logo. 😮

intel nuc sports amd integrated graphics intelnuc8

Pricey? Yes, but not expensive.

Linus seemed to be, like, very excited. And so is Orca. But the main question is what do you think about the Hades Canyon? Could it be the computer of your dreams or don’t you mind having a big box under your desk? I mean the Hades is powerful alright but it’s a Jack of all Trades and far from breaking any records. Please tell Orca she’s unrealistically enthusiastic, or that we are indeed witnessing another quantum jump in computer technology. Exciting times we live in, don’t we? Down there in the comments I reserved plenty of space for you to discuss this thing away. 🙂

EDIT: Added another video:




  1. Well lets use it then 😉 I really like the tendency of more lightweight machines and compact builds. The downside of those … at least with the two, that served me in the past, was that once you really gave them hell they either turned into screamboxes with loads of high RPM small diameter fans, or they turned out far too hot when completely passive cooled.
    Additionally the space in those clunky boxes has its advantages as well …. big fans … slow rotations … not loud … good for my ears ;D
    And since the PC I am using for SL and some other gaming (Heroes of Might and Magic .. Yay! ;)) is also used for some Video and Audio editing, it ends up with 4 hdd in it. Fitting all that into that small box will end up with a lot of USB Cabling for those hard drives, which will not have the same performance as internal SATA and SSD.
    So … as much as I love it small … it doesn’t fit the usage profile 😦 those Mintboxes also looked nice, but had pretty much the same problem.
    And since I always found it annoying to have that machine compete with my legs for space, it is currently resting above my head on a shelf 😉
    So if it fits your usage profile consider it 😉 Is the M series Vega that powerful to compete with the 1060? Or is that compared to the M model of the same series from NVidia?

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    • Wot da fucque do I know, Silky. Didn’t Linus say it in the video, that the Vega is comparable with a 1060? That’s all I – kinda – know. But as I writered I don’t consider a machine like this something for hardcore gamers, neither for hardcore graphic professionals. It’s a Jack of all Trades, and I guess for that versatlity it’s the perfect and powerful … and chic, machine. You know, something like the Hades Canyon would look nice in a stylish home office and wouldn’t let you down in a professional work scenario neither. I guess all Intel would’ve to do to make this machine more acceptable is getting rid of the childish skull logo.

      Of course if you need to store 4 HDDs of data and a superpowerful proci to render hours of video data the Hades is out of its league. But let’s not forget what it is: This thing combines two exclusively opposite requirements, small space and superpower, in a way that wasn’t possible just a few weeks ago. That plus the unexpected co-operation between Intel and AMD opens whole new usage scenarios. We’re looking at the first result of this co-op, more or less a prototype that got lucky. Knowing exactly my humble requirements the Hades Canyon would be almost too much and too good for me. This can do everything I’d ever want, and then some.

      And, oh, as far as I understood, the Hades Canyon is kinda barebone, comes without RAM and without OS!!! So I don’t expect to find any traps laid out by Microsoft, no meanepooface “Secure Boot” self destruct UEFIs, but instant compatibility with Linux. \o/ YAY! \o/

      For an easy 1000 moneys I buy dat sexy ding and shut up and go my merry ways. 😉


      • I wouldn’t know. I haven’t watched the video, as I have no speakers here, and since they are not signing (not that I could read that ;D) I am at a loss there.
        The mix of that little box is indeed intriguing. Like you said, no pro in any field, but helping the broad main stream go along nicely.

        The big potential showstopper from my perspective would be the cooling handling. Depending on how that is handled, it is either the best value, money, size triangle available … or a very expensive door stopper 😉

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        • If this thing has a Vesa mount, which I believe it does…it would make for a great little HTPC strapped right behind your panel of choice to watch it on. Install some Kodi, some good repo’s add a couple of E Sports type of games and you have fun for the whole family. As for 1060 performance…erm..yet to be seen, the new AMD APU’s are on par with a GTX 1030, so for integrated chips…that is WAY better than Intel IGPU’s..what these little suckers can do…I am hopeful but 1060 performance is alot to ask out of something with that level of cooling and low TDP…shrugs…maybe…but 1030 or greater would be fine for something like this IMHO.

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          • See, neither husbando nor me see any use in HTPC systems. We watch movies directly on my good computer – this one here – and we neither have a TV nor any further family. I’d use that small Intel for one thing only: Linux testy baby! And since I’ve got enuff test machines as it is, I won’t need a 1000 woolong one for just a single use scenario.


            • Well I see it is an Ultra Console. You install Kodi and Steam, get yourself a wireless Xbox controller. Mount the 55 Inch flatscreen on the wall. Lay in bed, watch every movie imaginable or play video games in super ultra resolution settings, or even hop around in SL (although that would require a small wireless keyboard for from the bed SL living). I think it would be ideal for that and when your console friends rave about their xbox, just hand them their xbox controller running their favorite game on a Master Race class piece of equipment and watch their awe as everything is running so faster, so smoother and such better graphics detail. They will feel their console peasantness sink in on high levels of comprehension and be jealous forever more.

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