Inworld … Not so Much. :(

Heyy, remember the last time I was inworld? I guess it was when my sisters and me (and Neo) tried the Premium Gift bus. Of course our little test drive of this 7-seater ended in a total catastrophe, like almost everything goofy Orca does.

Anton sim in Sansara’s snowlands is where we crashed – or got stuck in a snow drift – the last time …

After a long, steep decline I arrived at the bottom … without my family. 😮 All the bishies had been catapulted off the wagon and were all over the place. Of course we blame it on Neo. I mean there was a good reason for God to invent men. They are the designated culprits and scapegoats for every situaton and every crisis. Mhm, God is a very clever girl!

… because Neo fuked it up for all of!

Anyhoo, today I wanted to continue the drive through Sansara’s snowlands. It’s an area I usually avoid like the plague, all that snowy, slushy stuff and the freezing cold. Thank you, not for me. But otoh it’s quite an interesting area and I thought if I get it on alone, all by myself, without my useless family members and their lag, it should be quite an enjoyable ride. And when I have enough of it it’s easy to find a nice camping site to spend the night. So I went where we crashed the last time:

And it’s where I attempt to restart the virtual adventure.

But, oh! Oy vey, it’s an intersection alright, but no rez area! 😮 And the lag, or my connection, was sooo fukn bad I could hardly walk without walking on infinetely. 😦 So after some tries I gave up again. Will check SL out later today or tonight.

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