And Then …

… there are some people I’d call welcome stalkers. 😉

For example this here person:


Welcome home, cute Luna.


Luna is a very old longtime reader of the blog and I’m quite astonished that she wasn’t subscribed till just now. But now she is, and Orca is proud like a mother hen, and so everything is groovy, baby.



    • Aaaaw. 😮 But I can assure you it’s just a photo of a spoiler. I’m not hiding it intentionally but I can’t remember how to make photos show up in the comments. :/

      Hey, yes, I’m using geeky GNU/Linux stuff BUUUUUT I’m a total computer illiterate. 😦


    • 1) LUNA!!! :xxoox
      2) Fuck do I know how to unsubscribe. I never did that, and my interface is slightly different from yours anyway. Gimme some time to figure out.
      3) Luna!
      4) Luna?
      5) Why do you betray me so badly? Is the barrage of 0 – 8 posts/day sooo terrible? Just imagine being bombarded with love letters and kisses and pussygrabs and nippleswirls and ear nibbles and fairy dust all day long. Aaaaw, see that’s better, no?
      6) Yes, I gotta admit, real true Orcablog readers won’t need the wakey-wakey mails, since they have read my outlandishly cheesy content already when the mail arrives in their inbox.
      7) Try to walk a mile in my mesh footsies, as I get hundreds of thousands of mails by production powerhouses Strawberrry Singh and Inara Pey, each day, every day, all day long. And I go read it mostly and add my *Likey star to their posts. So far it doesn’t hurt, not even slightly, and I’m still in good mental health.
      7b) Just ignore the saliva dribbling from my wide agape mouth. 😮


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