More Followers Out of the Blue

Jeezuz, won’t it stop some time soon?

As it so happens I just “won” two more followers of Thar She Blows! I mean, of course I did; the quality content of this blog is legendary and I can understand everyone of them flocking to my bloggo. Even if I’m having more of a Flock Off mindset right now. 😉 And again I’m flabbergasted and speechless about how these people came across Thar She Blows!, how they found me and what made them subscribe. :/

It’s all true. I’m not making this up.

Let’s have a look at the last two stalkers. There is yet another girl from India, Preena63, who’s got kinda blog about … dunnowhat. Oh, she’s not in India but in Melbourne, OZland. But she has at least Indian roots it seems. And this is her:

Trying to keep the tower of Pisa from tipping over. 😮

Obviously Preena’s new years resolution is to dance more. Good for her I say. Apart from that she only has 2 posts yet and her blog’s layout isn’t even fully finished and we find a lot of example texts and empy widgets n stuff. Why o why did she feel the need to sub to my fukn blog? We’ll never know. :/

And then we have a woman with issues! Yeah, cool, starting a blog as personal therapy for whatever psychic ailment she’s suffering from is usally a good idea. Oh, she even wrote a book about her affliction:

As long as it’s educational it’s all good, isn’t it?

Jennifer Noble hails from the States, probably, and uses her blog primarily to bitch about her terrible family, all the dead gramps and grannies, complete with photos and all. A rather poisenous environment she created there. I read it for, like, two minutes and gave up.

Anyway, Jennifer and Preena are now both true believers in Thar She Blows!. Good for them, a rather questionable honour for me. And please don’t think that Preena, Jennifer and that woman from yesterday are the only completely off-the-track, unrelated blog followers. As I already stated yesterday, I see a high influx of fellow WordPress bloggers from south/east Asia subscribing to Thar She Blows! lately.

And honestly, even if I knew how, I wouldn’t block them or tell them they are not welcome here. Not that I’m horny for new subscribers or in any way interested in those “social” games, but please, if they want to follow my blog who am I to say No? We’re all more or less independently thinking grown up people and should know what we are doing.

And we know what we’re doing, right?


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