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You know lately I’m receiving a lot of strange/weird mails from my blog that this and that person is now following me.

Which is cool. This is a function in my blog, that everyone can klicker on FOLLOW and then will receive an email every time Orca let’s one slip. Honestly, if I were an Thar She Blows! reader I’d do the same: Klicker on FOLLOW and never miss any of that useless girl’s brainfarts. That’s how it’s supposed to be.

All fine. But as I said lately I seem to have found a lot of new readers from far away lands, exotic Asian countries where people don’t even use alphabetical letters to write but make weird bows and knots and whatnot geometrical figures. You know such Vietnamese and Thai stuff from their take-away joints, right?

Yummy. But then also WTF???

Which is fine too. I’m the last one to discriminate anybody else, and if you’re so enchanted by Orca’s goofyness, welcome, join in and become a lifelong fan. It’s your funeral, who am I to tell you otherwise.

But! All these people … I don’t know them. I don’t think they are SL residents, SL or RL sailors or share any of my interests and viewpoints. I always thought this is still a kinda fringy, special interest blog for a very small, very specific demographic group of people who share at least the love of SL, a mutual hate or Meh for LL, and are maybe busy in – or at least interested in – the SL Sailing Community.

Lucy and Sushmita: A match made in heaven! 🙂

Obviously I was wrong. Which is perfectly fine as well. According to 99% of SL residents Orca is the wrongest avie ever and has the wrongestest opinions and is just generally a pain in the butt. But … all these new Subscribers, they are not in SL, and they surely aren’t sailing. Heck, one of them even has a blog which is written in one of those curly Asian languages and leaves you with just some ??? above the noggin.


And just five minutes ago another subscriber came in, and her WordPress blog looks like so:

The infamous Law School Times, a place that inspires me to no end and makes me happy! \o/

And that’s it. The Law School Times is nothing but a title page. Which is totally fine, every blogger starts with an empty page that they will fill with content as time goes by. BUT then again, wtf has Thar She Blows! to do with an Indian or Bangladeshi or Vietnamese girl from Law School? How did she even find me? Is that maybe an automatic matchmaker by the WordPress machinery? Or a mismatch maker as would be more correct. Like those messages you receive when you’re a n00b bloggerista: “Welcome and congratz on your brand new blog. Now subscribe to these interesting bloggos by fellow WordPress bloggers and spread the word …” And then they get a list in which WHOOPDIDOO!, Thar She Blows! appears. And then those eager new bloggers just klicker on something and voila, they are subscribed to me. WordPress blogs are a gift that keeps on giving. Or how we cynical Western assholes call it: A circlejerk.

All they can think about is the results list of TrYC’s Shields races.

It’s the only explanation I can think of right now. And thx WordPress (I guess) for supplying me with an endless row of friendly Asian fellows. And, as I’m such a friendly hooman being, I usually pay back the friendliness by subscribing to their blogs as well. Until recently. Because … wtf WordPress? These are completely random mismatches, completely random people. Maybe it werkz for those peeps and they need the influx of many many subbies in order to … dunnowhat. Maybe they are collecting connections and subscribos like medals or gold star stickers back in school or sumfink.

“Hold my beer while I quickly subscribe to Orca’s blog.”

Well, that’s not how Thar She Blows! works. This ain’t a social blog, not a trophy blog, this isn’t modern or fashionable. Orcablog is but a tool. (Same as its editrix, according to my critics). What good will it do us if some random lawschool student from Thailand has subscribed to our almost intimate little thingy? Yes, yes, it will catapult the IQ rate of this blog up to new heights, LOL! But do we need that? We’re fukn toons! No intelligence needed here. We have nothing to offer to the outside (of the SL realm) world. Sushmita Ray – the name of my newest subbie – doesn’t need this connection to us neither. So she became one of the very few friendly fellow bloggers, I didn’t repay by subscribing to their blog as well. Sorry Sushmita . ;/

Thar She Blows! international fan club, Mumbai chapter.



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