Peter Gray Goes Away

My lacklustre rhyming skills are obviously still better than the former LL Senior Director of Global Communications’s communicative skills. More on that after the original message by Inara Pey:

Thank You, Inara.

“He will be sorely missed”, Inara? Really?

Okay, I’m not that deeply inserted into The Lab’s @$$, but I can honestly say that if Peter Gray was directing The Lab’s efforts to communicate to and with its customers, he really, like reallyreally, missed his target. Doesn’t The Lab’s communication remind you of the hapless babble of autistic children? Well, for me it does. And for me it’s more than clear that Peter Gray is obviously kinda communication challenged himself. Honestly, the very little official messages we received from The Lab during the past couple years were as insufficient and amateurish as The Lab’s management decisions. It was as if Peter told all LL employees to never reply to anything in public and keep the company as well as its development under a carpet of silence, in a shroud of darkness. The result was that the very few official messages by The Lab turned out nothing more than some inexplicit waffle and a blurry of vagueness.

Semblance with Stan Laurel not only in appearance: Peter Gray/Linden

But, as I admitted already, I never cared much about communicating with that kindergarten, knowing exactly that they’d never answer my most pressing questions in a straightforward way. Dunno if that’s American business standards, cowardice or just pure incompetence.


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