Ubuntu Budgie

“Oh. My. Gaaaawd!!!

This Orcabish. Wotz wronk wif dat woman? WTF? Second day of the new year and she’s already wrecking our nerves with that Linux shit?”


“And then a system she usually only sneers upon? Stupid Ubuntu, for kiddies and n00bs?”

Oh, yes.

“And to make things worse this unspeakable Ubuntu shit paired with one of the worst desktops imaginable?”

Ya betcha!

BudgieLogoTalkin’ about Ubuntu Budgie today. Ubuntu, as you might know, is still a crowd pleaser, a favourite of the masses. And the Budgie desktop environment has found many friends in the Linux community. As you’ve seen in the links Orcs didn’t like it buuut … hear me out please: I’m still, and as always, on the search for the perfect Linux to put on my shitty little Acer netbook, OrcNet. Right now I follow the idea to compromise on user friendlyness in order to get a faster, more spunky system.

So, when hubby said I’ve gotta check out Ubuntu Budgie, I promised to try it out … without much of bitching and a kinda open mind and as much tolerance as I could muster. So here’s my experience after installation and 10 minutes playing around in that primitive system:

Ubuntu Budgie freshly installed. Looking clean and nice. Not much to do in terms of customization, so if you’re not happy with this layout (I am not!) there ain’t much you can do about it. 😦

What I noticed immediately was the task bar/panel on top of the screen. As an ex-Windows user I hate that. Want/need my panel on the bottom! And Budgie is like totally hostile against my personal customization attempts. 😦

Those Ubuntu fuxerz! G00gle Chrome as standard browser??? G00gle? Chrome? Not even Chromium or something a bit more fitting the GNU/Linux philosophy?

Second thing I noticed was what Ubuntu installed as standard interwebz browser: Fuxxing Gøøgle Chrome! 😮 I mean, ok, no biggie to install Waterfox or Pale Moon browsers … but why do they start with that shitty crappola Chrome stuff in the first place?

“Come on Orca don’t be such a daft cow. Chrome is super fast and has many tricks up its sleeve.”

Yes, So what? It is not politically correct! As Linux users we don’t use Google’s spyware! Basta! End of!

Very nice Welcome Center that’ll help you with your first steps in Budgie. Nothing to complain about that. It’s also designed kinda nicely, clear and logically and easy.

Yes yes, nice Welcome Center. Whoop di doo! But after that Chrome fukup I’m already so loaded with negative energy, this system must show me some more strong points in order to become acceptable again.


And Ubu/Budgie even features a Terminal. That is almost like a real GNU/Linux OS. But as Budgie users we don’t know what to do with it, wouldn’t even know what it’s for.

Yes, yes, I see: Ubuntu Budgie is in fact a real Linux. And when playing with it for a while longer I could make it a usable workplace for me. This combinaton seems to run fast on the weakish OrcNet, and that’s my main concern. As I said in the beginning I’m willing to compromise usability and personalization for gaining speed. But still, there is this nagging feeling inside me, asking why they decided on stupid stuff and made the desktop so rigid and untweakable. Didn’t they get the spirit of GNU/Linux? Share the software like good little commie girls, Freedom and all that?

And now, to make things even worse: I made the most importantest test for every new system I install on my hardware, downloaded the Singularity SL Viewer. For when that things runs the system has a real chance to be accepted in my machine park. Aaaaand … it doesn’t run! 😮

The primitive way to start a SL viewer in Ubuntu-ish OSes: Just download the installation file, unpack and start with a click on the Singularity icon. Usually this worx flawlessly. Well, usually …

Surely with some more reading and tweaking and tricksing I’ll manage to log Orca’s ass in world. But why? Why does this crappy desktop make the easiest operation so fukn complicated? Do I feel like diving head over heels into that problem? While there are many many similar, also Ubuntu-based Linuxes available who just do that shit and don’t want you to study computer sciences first? Naaw, I don’t see a great future, neither for Ubuntu, nor for Budgie on my machinery. Not even on the worst of them.

And because we’re such fans of Prof. Stallman’s hit song, here’s a full band version:

And with percussion and choir 🙂

LOL, a danceable version by our friends of GNU/punk:

What a talented musician Richard Stallman is. After talking Spanish in the first video now he even speaks French for our Swiss comrades:

Where were we? Uh, yes, Ubuntu Budgie. No fear, I’m not gonna kick it off OrcNet immediately but will give it some more days time to captivate me with its simple charme. Maybe, just maybe, we can become friends afterall. 😉


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