Win 10 for Freeeeeeeee…!!!


Just heard on Logan’s Tek Syndicate YT channel that today is the last day to obtain your copy of Win 10 for fukn free. So I guess you should hurry now and get it … and enjoy the  fuk out of it!

Why does Orca recommend anything Win10?

Win10 on a stick. Learned that from Linux, didn’t you, Windows?

Because I can. And because I think it’s the right thing to do. You know I’m a hopeless romantic revolutionary but know exactly that my good fight is indeed hopeless and most of you assh lovely people will stick to Windows like sheeples to their wool. So if you haven’t upgraded from Win7/8 to 10 – now is the time to do it!

Yes, telemetry and spying occurs. Yes, Windows is far less clever and elegant and user friendly than Linux … buuuuut: Win10 features DirectX 12! Which means your games will run much faster and better. In case you didn’t know, Windows is still the top gaming platform, Linux won’t even come close. And I know how you kidz love to play, so stick to Windows and fukn upgrade to Win10!

Jean and Orca

Even my Linux gurujin Jean Horten has installed some Windows on some of her computers now. But not because of Win10’s merits but because of some political bullshit going on in Linux’s more economically aimed developers’ minds. She thinks Linux is going in a bad direction. 😦

Does that mean Orca’s given up the good fight and caved in to reality?

Super pretty Second Life pictures without DirectX. Screenshot NOT by Orca.

No fukn way! I’m as far removed from reality as imaginable and stick to my Linux! I know it’s the best, the sane choice. Now I’m in the adorable position not to be a gamer, yeah, lucky me, and can’t give less fux about DirectX ‘n stuff. In SL we won’t need it anyway, since it’s based on OpenGL or whatever. And my graphics in SL are fancy and cool and can’t be much better so I’m happy. And you’ll better be happy too! 🙂

Screenshot by Orca looks also kinda ok-ish without DirectX.


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