The New Year!

Starts for me with a \o/ New Yay! \o/

DanielVoyagerJust browsing through and liking a whole lotta New Year’s posts in fellow SL blogger’s blogs – as I’m a friendly – I stumbled across this heartwarming Top 30 list of Daniel Voyager’s fave bloggos. And … have you seen that?

Not on # 1 but twice as nice with a double #1. =^.^=


I must say I’m wholeheartedly with Daniel when he says you must check out and read Orca’s blog regularly: He did say that, didn’t he? What you think, gang, shall I compile a list of my most beloved blogs as well, or do some other Top list? Seems to be all the rage this time of the year. Or I could try to find and collect some statistics about this here blog. I know I did that a couple times in the past but it was much easier on Google’s Blogspot than on WordPress. And I guess it’s boring for you as well. As long as you find new Orcaposts regularly in your inbox you can be quite sure Thar She Blows! is doing great in producing nonsense SL posts and Linux shit and America bashing stuff.

And, no, the more I think about producing a list with my fave bloggos, the more I am against the idea. The blogosphere in SL is so multifaceted, we have blogs for every whim and use, it’d would be hard and unfair to pick some faves with my admittedly bad personal taste. We have the technical expertise of Inara, the social happenings covered by Daniel, fashion and body stuff by Berry and others (the SL blog scene is 99.9% fashionistas you must know) and many other special interest blogs. Photos by Wurfi, literature by Huck Hax, Bay City stuff by Uccie Poultry etc pp …

I already have a bad conscience for picking out these few peeps, but they were just the first that sprung to mind. Anyhoo, you’ll find them all in the sidebar so … yes, just pick and choose … and don’t listen to Orca. For she’s fukn stupid and knows shit. 😮

Stupid girl blogs stupid shit.


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