Oh My Wonderful Nigerian Prince. :o

Real Nigerians are much too honest for such callous scams. 😉


I always knew there was something fishy about my Nigerian prince’s tragic life story and how he came into possession of multimilion dollars and yadda yadda  yadda … we all know his sob story. But that’s not how it works. Because reasons:

  • When a Nigerian wants something he’ll just take it from you. With a pistol and the threat of violence. Honest and straight.
  • Nigerians earn their money with peddling drugs/whores or robbing banks or work as contract killers. Never would they come up with something as heinous as IT scams.
  • According to my computer repair lesbian are Nigerians absolutely incapable of operating computers. They always destroy the Windows OS and bring them to her for repair … but never collect them because they are too broke to pay the repair bills.
  • Nigerians are usually not living in Louisiana/USA. Also most of ’em are black and only a very small minority will ever live to the biblical age of 67.


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