Did You Wonder?


Why there was no report and results list of yesterday’s TrYC Shields races? Here come the explainification:




Let’s hope Lucy could sort her RL problem out or at least ignore it. That sometimes helps and makes problems go away. Mhm …  =^.^=

Dec 31, and Orca’s wearing bikini. 😮 Trap knows better how to dress accordingly.

Oh, I was inworld for a little while and talked to Trap on the TrYC docks. What we talked about? Yeah, girlish stuff that would bore the fuk out of you: Customized mechanical keyboards. Trap just was about to order one and was busy setting up a colour scheme for the key caps , boring fashionable grey or TrYC blues. I find both options rather yummy. 😉

Also Trap told me about a movie I gotta see: The Lobster with Colin Farrell. Also The Killing of a Sacred Deer by the same director. Yikes! Looks like a whole shitload of arthouse movies waiting for my critical gaze. 😮

Talking about arthouse, just wait for my very short review of The Red Turtle, coming soon in an Orcablog near you …


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