Germany: A Worker’s Paradise

Fuk America. No, seriously fuk their weird concept of freedom and free market and capitalism and everyone fighting for themselves. Look at this, in contrast, and learn and … become jealous! =^.^=

And this ain’t even France!

I don’t even know what the working week hours for metal workers are right now, I guess 38. To shave off a full 10 hours from that seems like a radical new concept, does it not? Anyway, it’ll be a big breakthrough in the social structure of Germany. More people with lots of free time. Time to go shopping and growing the economy. And/or going to community colleges and learn new skills. Oh, and of  course they are all perfectly insured (incl. their families) and will receive a decent pension. However, just saying this is what you get when you have a strongly unionized and solidaric workforce: More free time, better, healthier people!

Shame on you, Germany! How dare you? That’s really, like, totally un-American. 😮



    • Oh you ‘merican, you won’t believe how a strong worker culture, born and raised in social democratic times, differs from communism. I was just shocked, you hear: SHOCKED! when I saw the article about a German union preparing for strikes. As I wrote, this ain’t news from France, where they strike more than work, but from Germany, the home of infamously small, conformant and cowardish assholes. To see them going up the barricades, and that in these America-leaning times of less and less civil rights, less labour, more unemployment and a hardcore industrialist-capitalist stance of the rich and the gov’ment against the people, is a sign of hope.


      • Hehehe. Don’t tell me … being Austrian which always leaned to the left, I have never had problem with strikes in any case 😉 Not that I have witnessed real big strikes anyways 😉
        Well the American soul and its unbroken belief in the frontier and personal freedom blinds them from the sad truth, what shall I say? It is so bred into their DNA, that they cling to things even though a different approach would bring a lot more quality of life for everyone … like proper healthcare, gunlaws that mean anything, proper environmental policies. Instead they follow a raging orange monkey …

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