Space X is Awesome!

A lekker fish in the sky! =^.^=

Explanation: What’s happened to the sky? On Friday, the photogenic launch plume from a SpaceX rocket launch created quite a spectacle over parts of southern California and Arizona. Looking at times like a giant space fish, the impressive rocket launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base near Lompoc, California, was so bright because it was backlit by the setting Sun. Lifting off during a minuscule one-second launch window, the Falcon 9 Heavy rocket successfully delivered to low Earth orbit ten Iridium NEXT satellites that are part of a developing global communications network. The plume from the first stage is seen on the right, while the soaring upper stage rocket is seen at the apex of the plume toward the left. Several good videos of the launch were taken. The featured image was captured from Orange County, California, in a 2.5 second duration exposure.

Gallery: More images of the SpaceX launch

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I have not much of a clue about space but I know it’s kinda cold and dark and very dangerous there. Particularly when going out without wearing your diver’s suit and warm mittens it can even be … perilous! 😮

Stylish in space, thanks to SpaceX. Cue Daft Punk now …

Still I’ve gotta say Thank You, Elon Musk and the SpaceX team for these spectacular views of the start of your latest rocket thingy. Won’t hesitate going out into space with you. Still I won’t buy a Tesla car, am much too fond of my old fossil fuel burner. Once you’ve seen and felt Oubaas in action you’ll understand. That thing is surprisingly agile, fast and accelerates like a dream. Kinda like Elon’s spaceships.


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