Shields@Noon in TrYC – December 23rd

Shields@Noon Xmas edition

As expected, few racers today and I joined them. Indra had alread said me that wouldn’t be able to come today.

In first race, C4, a great win by Paul and a crash by me.

Race Results:
1: xPaulx Paine IDXP1 — 00:17:42
2: Christinedutch Resident IDCRIS — 00:17:52
3: moonglownight Resident IDMOON — 00:18:16
4: LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDLUCY — not Finished

Lap Times:
xPaulx Paine IDXP1 — Start: 00:00:05 — Last lap: 00:17:37
Christinedutch Resident IDCRIS — Start: 00:00:16 — Last lap: 00:17:36
moonglownight Resident IDMOON — Start: 00:00:29 — Last lap: 00:17:47
LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDLUCY — Start: 00:00:45 — Last lap: not finished



Moon & Yomogi

Moon had to leave and Paul had a great start and Chris a really bad one. I made a mistake soon after the start, I forgot the 1st mark and turned too soon, when realised my mistake had to turn back to mark #1, what let Chris to surpass me.

Later, Paul in the leading crashed and his boat started to round in circles. I was wondring why was Paul making a 360 before seeing that the boat was empty, I had to tack to avoid contact with the adrift boat, loosing much speed in the process.

Race Results:
1: Christinedutch Resident IDCRIS — 00:14:41
2: LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDLUCY — 00:15:24
3: xPaulx Paine IDXP1 — not Finished

Lap Times:
Christinedutch Resident IDCRIS — Start: 00:00:29 — Last lap: 00:14:12
LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDLUCY — Start: 00:00:16 — Last lap: 00:15:08
xPaulx Paine IDXP1 — Start: 00:00:03 — Last lap: not finished

More pics:

Partial December ranking

One comment

  1. Oh! Whoa!
    That didn’t sound like a happy festive xmas regatta for you, Lucy. 😦 Maybe sometimes it’s better to let things rest for a little while between xmas and new year and then come back BIGGER and BETTER and STRONGER in January.

    Have a good one xoxoxox


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