I’ve got to Apologize. :/

You know I’m giving millennials a hard time. They are the worst generation since, like, ever! And I find fault in everything they do or don’t do. Well, turns out I’m wrong … and you fukn millennials aren’t so bad after all. Of course everything we oldbies are complaining about with you millennials is right and still stands BUT! You are not to blame for your faults, you are innocent!

You little fucks, you even make it impossible to hate you! 😮

\o/ Rejoice! \o/


It was your fukn parental units who spoiled you and raised you wrongly and planted a false image of the real world in your noggins. And now we all have to suffer from their failure. Too stupid to even raise worthwile, wholesome kids. And they didn’t even have the “We are millennials” explanation. So they are 100% to blame for your incompetence.

Lookie at this video and learn why and how you’re such miserable people:


Feeling better now?

Are you instantly satisfied?


This was just another humanitarian service, brought to you by Thar She Blows!, the decidedly unmillennialistic bloggo. And now let’s go on and binge watch cat videos.




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