Tsumugi House Onsen

Tsumugi House Onsen

This Onsen is very far down in the search results, I guess it’s even in last place. Which doesn’t necessarilly mean it’s the wurst of the wurst. I just have no idea in what order LL are sorting their search results. All I wanna say is that Tsumugi is probably the last onsen I visit this year, maybe even for longer … until new bathhouses are opening up on the grid. Uh *cough* considering the recent hibernation state of SL this might take a while or maybe even until eternityyyyyyyy….

Enuff idle speculation, let’s relax in a hot hot bath now:

The onsen sits on a small park-like parcel on the Atoll continent and is surrounded by other Japanese style buildings. I have no idea if this is a Japanese community or if the owner owns more than the onsen. Doesn’t matter, does it?
After you enter the bathhouse you’ll find the pools directly behind the entrance screen. No undressing area here. Cool with me, since I rarely wear more than a bikini anyway.
Oh, I know tattoos aren’t well-liked in an onsen, because the bad yakuza guys are wearing them. But I’m merely a tiny little girl and couldn’t become a yakuza even if I wanted.
But maybe I’m the beloved daughter #1 of Big Uber Boss Tsumugi. Who knows? So I wanna see the bandai who wants to forbid me bringing my ink with me in the water!
Where were we? Uh, yesss, the onsen is a bit different. Like all onsens in SL it fails catastrophically replicating the original experience. But the various pools have a rich choice of poses and anims, for singles and couples … if you know what I mean.  😉
No special windlight setting for tsumugi house onsen, so I chose my own (Anan Adored Optimal Skin), which makes a nice soft light but gets rid of the shadows.
At one of the pools you’ll find lots of anims with just feet dangling in the water.
The layout is kinda interesting and nice but not always easy to find sit targets.
Three showers! … and I failed to find any shower anims. :/
This onsen is kinda open air.
Ok, this is admittedly just me posing. Nobody needs to know that I can’t read.
Haha, how was that with No Yakuza in the onsen? This rockpool with naked statuettes is in fact a reserved area for boss Tsumugi and his #1 daughter.
Soaking without all the people around is so much nicer. We have no need for the poor righteous riffraff. 😉
Think this is too decadent? Fuck you!
After three more bottles of sake I love the Tsumugi Onsen more and more.
Guess I’m gonna buy this joint. And will have a tattoo studio right in the hot pool!
Handstand in the bath tub … good yogi me.
My head hurts. :/
Oy vey, they look angry at me for dripping all over the leather couch. But I’m untouchable for the worker drones of the onsen. My dad is a supervillain and will kill everyone who is unfriendy to his little princess. 🙂

Ok, my conclusion you want to hear:

I found Tsumugi onsen’s mix between traditonal on the surface but wild and unruly and fukall behind the scenes a bit unconventional but still manageable. The many anims in the pool area almost make good for the lack of details and attendants and the missing lobby/dressing room.

All in all this is one of the better onsens.


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