A New Mouse

Wireless. Why yes, of course.

Look here, you guys:

Hey, I’m a nifty last minute xmas prezzie for your less loved ones?

This here is the Canyon CNS-CMSWO1. Quite a mouthful and not the most sexy colourful name one should think of. The shape is ok-ish but doesn’t fit my hands quite right. But that’s individual taste and flavour and everybody’s own decision.

Because for your really loved ones, you got them good Logitech gear! This will do for starters tho. Better than most other China crappola. 😉

The tracking is very nice and changable between 1000/1200/1600dpi. This is cool and should even satisfy the casual gamers among you. I don’t game and didn’t notice any latency, so it should be good for the money. Talking about money, my mouse costed me the princely sum of 129 ZAR = not even 9 €UR. I guess that’s not the cheapest way to start your collection of wireless mousies but the cheapest way to get one in a decent size.

For the analy fixated among us, this is how the package looks like before we kick it in the rubbish bin.

What I also didn’t like is that the Canyon mouse uses 2 AAA batteries instead of the more heavy and powerful AA batteries as used in my Logitech rodents.  At least two non-rechargable batteries are included with the mouse, so you can start mousing right away, without purchasing batteries and charger first.

Not quite as huge as the good Logitechs but still a decent size for a desktop mouse.

And what I positively liked is the small compartment inside the mouse, where you can store your dongle when you’re out and about. That’s nifty and even my Logitech Performance MX lacks this much-needed commodity.

At least the Canyon is bigger and gives me a better handling than our smallest laptop oriented ambidextrous Logitech mouse. And the Logi was a bit more expensive than the Canyon, so in this duel we have a clear winner!

The build quality is very light compared to my Logitechs. I hear many if not most of you prefer lightweight mouses, so this thing seems cool for you. Of course the plastic doesn’t give the same quality feel as that of more classy higher priced rodents but is reasonably well made. And if it falls apart after half a year … who gives a phuk about a 10 Dollar mouse? Did I mention it’s wireless? And only 10 Dollars? Wireless mouse for 10 dollers Americaigne!

Also available in other colours than black. How stupid. 😦

As you might have noticed I’ve avoided to use the terms awesome and amazing in this writeup. The wireless technology is pretty much advanced these days and should be no problem even for small no-name manufacturers, and the longevity of this product is still to be decided. So, for now I guess this is a very decent mouse but not sure if it’s awesome or outstanding in any way.


  1. Over the years I’ve tried all sorts of rodents from gaming multi button ones even to track balls. A Watcom tablet is even gathering dust. I always seem to come back to a two button one with scroll wheel. The only real lasting change is its wireless and uses AA batteries.

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    • I was the same way for years. Then I got a laptop and found it’s response time was not noticeably slower and it sure is more convenient when you move the computer around. I even started using one with my desktop. It is also nice not to have one more wire not to deal with.

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      • Exactly Willow. I mean I can live with my keyboards being bound to the desktop; they hardly move at all. And when, then only a handwith up or down, to make room for the dinnerplates. 🙂
        But hamsters with cables are just too inconvenient.

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    • I only bought mesh feet for you, Foneco. When you complained about my fugly system footsies I went to GOS and got myself mesh feet.
      Now I’m complaining about your outdated mouse!

      But since when is it hard to find mice with tails? Aren’t they still the vast majority of rodents on our planet?


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